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P.E.I. woodlot owners, fishermen want time to ease into building code transition

P.E.I. woodlot.
P.E.I. woodlot.

The P.E.I. Federation of Agriculture (PEIFA) held its annual general meeting in Charlottetown on Friday.

The provincial legislature has passed legislation that will make it a requirement over the next two years to meet the national building code across P.E.I.

Regulations are now being drafted to compliment the new act.

Once they are complete, the legislation can be proclaimed and enacted. Currently, the code is in force in Charlottetown, Summerside and Stratford.

In practical terms, this will mean all construction needing to meet the standard will require kiln dried graded lumber. Production of lumber to these standards in P.E.I. is not widely available.

The P.E.I. Woodlot Owners Association and the PEIFA will jointly approach the provincial government to develop provisions that will support the local forest industry, woodlot owners and farmers to enhance the local industry in the transition to this new legislation.

Provisions could include, but are not limited to, exemptions for certain classes of construction, making a lumber grade available for using local timber and measuring timber moisture at the time of inspection as well as extending the transition time for the new regulations.

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