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P.E.I. Status of Women minister asks for sexual harassment policy review of legislature

Transportation Minister Paula Biggar.
Status of Women Minister Paula Biggar. - Maureen Coulter

The minister responsible for the Status of Women is calling for a review of the legislative assembly’s sexual harassment and workplace violence policies.

Paula Biggar wrote to the standing committee on rules, regulations, private bills and privileges Monday, asking the members to complete a review and make recommendations to ensure a safe work environment for MLAs and staff.

“As a proud member of the legislative assembly of Prince Edward Island and as a woman who supports the brave individuals who have come forward from across our country to speak out about sexual harassment, I ask your committee to undertake a comprehensive review of sexual harassment and work place violence policies in the legislative assembly and make recommendations to ensure a safe work environment for all,” Biggar wrote in the letter, addressed to committee chairwoman Kathleen Casey.

Biggar said the committee should consult with employees, MLAs and community groups as part of the review, with the goal of preventing incidents of harassment and violence, responding effectively to these incidents when they do occur, and supporting victims, survivors and legislative members in the process.

“It is important that this issue be taken seriously and that all employees and members feel safe and supported in their work place,” Biggar wrote. “Now is the time to ensure we recognize our collective responsibility to make this happen.”

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