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P.E.I. sex offender Donald Ernest Harley jailed for breaching house arrest

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Judge terminates conditional sentence order for man convicted of sexual assault in Nova Scotia

Six days.

That’s how far Donald Ernest Harley made it into his 135-day conditional sentence for sexual assault before the police arrested him again.

Harley, 68, was back in provincial court Wednesday for the second time this week where Chief Judge Nancy Orr terminated his conditional sentence.

On Nov. 30, a Nova Scotia judge sentenced Harley to a 135-day conditional sentence for sexually assaulting a tanning salon employee.

As part of the conditional sentence order, Harley was under house arrest at his home in Brackley Beach for the first 90 days to be followed by a curfew for the remaining 45 days.

He has been in custody since his Dec. 6 arrest.

During a court appearance Monday, Harley admitted he breached the conditional sentence order but said he wanted to give the court some facts.

Harley said the day he was arrested he was in pain and went to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Charlottetown for treatment after which he went to McDonald’s to get something to eat.

He said the police arrested him at McDonald’s.

Harley told the court he would make a commitment to follow every rule of his house arrest.

Orr repeatedly told Harley she wasn’t prepared to have a hearing on the matter Monday and suggested Harley might want to meet with a lawyer and get advice before his next hearing Wednesday.

Harley didn’t get a lawyer and when he was back in court Wednesday he apologized to Orr and the administrative staff who were there Monday.

Despite his previous attempts to continue the house arrest, he agreed to serve the rest of his sentence in jail.

Orr terminated the conditional sentence, leaving Harley to finish out his time in jail.

Harley will be on probation for two years once he is released.

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