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Pay rates for Summerside mayor and council now tied to consumer price index

Summerside City Hall.
Summerside City Hall.

SUMMERSIDE - When Summerside’s new mayor and council take their seats next month, their pay will be tied to the consumer price index.

Monday, during its last full meeting this term, the current council passed the city’s new Council Remuneration Bylaw, part of which ties future pay increases or decreases to the index.

The city was required to update its previous bylaw to conform with the province’s new Municipalities Act.

This update coincided with the end of the current council’s mandate, at which time the city always conducts a review of mayor and council pay.

Given the review, the required bylaw update and a wish by city staff and the current council to unburden the incoming mayor and councillors of having to make decisions about their pay, it was recommended that the rates be tied to the index.

The changes will be made annually on Jan. 1.

The incoming group can go back and revisit the bylaw at any time.

Summerside has traditionally set its pay rate for its elected officials at 75 per cent of whatever Charlottetown’s mayor and councillors are paid.

The current annual pay rates are set at $50,107 for mayor, $27,348 for deputy mayor and $25,053 for councillors.


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