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No new parking lot for Summerside RCAF Wing

Summerside City Councillor Gordie Whitlock motioned to restore EPSI's funding to its 2017 value after council learned the organization lost about $10,000 in funding due to a longer budget period.
Summerside City Councillor Gordie Whitlock openly stated that he would not be able to support the proposition from the RCAF Wing for a new parking lot. - Millicent McKay

Council denies rezoning application

SUMMERSIDE – City Councillors voiced their opposition before voting to deny the Royal Canadian Air Force Summerside Wing 200 a new parking lot.

Last week, Council received the recommendation to amend the zoning bylaw that 316 Court Street fell under to allow for a parking lot.

But quickly members spoke up saying they could not support the motion.

“I want to restate my opposition to the application. I don’t believe it is compatible with the development of land use and I don’t believe that Mr. Cameron’s concerns were taken seriously enough on the investments he’s made on the property beside 316 Court Street,” said Councillor Gordie Whitlock.

In recent meetings the discussion of allowing the Wing to build a parking lot has been contentious with members of the Wing and a property owner beside the proposed parking lot arguing their sides.

Timmy Cameron, the owner of the property neighbouring the proposed parking lot, said the lot would have a negative impact on his property value, the noise level could increase and there is a danger for pedestrian accidents with more cars in the area. There was also a reported incident where someone tried to break into the building after coming from the Wing parking lot

“I think you have a right to have a zone protected when you buy property in an area. There is a direct effectiveness here,” said Coun. Brent Gallant.

The motion was voted down 5:2, with Greg Campbell and Frank Costa supporting the amendment.

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