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No more jail for P.E.I. man caught cutting window screen


A P.E.I. man who was caught cutting a window screen at a home in Charlottetown won’t serve any more time after spending 54 days in custody.

Tyson David Peters-Jennings, 22, appeared before Judge John Douglas in provincial court in Charlottetown where he pleaded guilty to damaging property and breaching his probation.

The court heard that on Jan. 11 Charlottetown police responded to a potential break and enter after a woman saw someone cutting a screen on a window at her home.

Peters-Jennings fled the scene, but was found soon after.

A police dog tracked his scent from the home to where he lived and the police found a knife in the snow near his front door.

Peters-Jennings was on probation at the time.

He told police he drank a quart of rum in the hours before the incident, blacked out and didn’t remember what happened.

Crown attorney Lisa Goulden said there was a child in the home when Peters-Jennings cut the screen.

Peters-Jennings was in custody since his arrest on Jan. 11 and Douglas sentenced him to 80 days in jail for damaging property.

Douglas also sentenced him to 30 days in jail to be served concurrently for breaching his probation.

With credit at a rate of 1.5 days for every day served it left Peters-Jennings with no more time on his sentence.

He must also pay $400 in victim surcharges.

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