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No jail time for P.E.I. man who attempted to deposit stolen cheques

Provincial Court Judge John Douglas.  -File photo
FILE: Chief Provincial Court Judge John Douglas. ©THE GUARDIAN

A P.E.I. man who deposited two stolen cheques for someone else was recently given a suspended sentence.

Trevor Dale Acorn, 46, appeared before Judge John Douglas in provincial court in Charlottetown where he pleaded guilty to a probation breach and two counts of fraud.

The court heard someone stole the cheques and gave them to several people.

Acorn deposited two cheques into his bank account and handed over most of the money to the woman who gave them to him.  

Crown attorney Lisa Goulden told the court a total of $5,000 was misappropriated from all of the stolen cheques.

Goulden sought $600 in restitution from Acorn to be paid to TD Bank.

Acorn will be on probation for one year and along with the restitution he must pay $300 in victim surcharges.

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