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No change to P.E.I. gas prices Feb. 1, but propane up

['Propane prices have dropped across P.E.I.']
['Propane prices have dropped across P.E.I.']

Gas prices in P.E.I. remain the same today after the first-of-the-month petroleum pricing decision by the Island Regulatory and Appeals Commission.

After an unscheduled, four-cent increase last week, pump prices remain at 119.1 to 120.3 cents per litre.

Furnace oil, stove oil and diesel also remain the same price today as yesterday, while propane prices have increased.

As of 12:01 a.m. Feb. 1, Superior Propane prices rose 2.2 cents per litre, Irving Energy propane went up by 2.8 cpl and Kenmac Energy prices have increased by 2.4 cpl. Maximum, before-tax propane prices will now range from 88.5 to 88.9 cpl.

The commission says increased wholesale prices for propane since the last adjustment led to the price increases announced today.

The commissions next scheduled price adjustment will be on Feb. 15.

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