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Municipalities across P.E.I. electing mayors, councils

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Fifty-eight of 63 municipalities across P.E.I. are having their elections overseen by the P.E.I. Department of Municipal Affairs. For full results, visit the department's website, click here.

Elections P.E.I. is counting the ballots for Charlottetown, Summerside, Cornwall and Stratford. For more on those races, click here.


Incumbent Souris Mayor Stephen O'Brien has won his first election, beating contender Shane Clements in results just posted by the Department of Municipalities. 

The retired doctor, who ran a family practice in the town for 28 years, was named mayor a little over a year ago, replacing David MacDonald who had resigned in summer 2017.

“It’s a good job,’’ O’Brien told The Guardian last week about being mayor of the seaside Kings County town.

“Most people are glad of the efforts we put in (as a council), and they’re supportive of our efforts. It’s (also) a rewarding job and it’s a chance to give back to the community that’s been so good to me for over 40 years now," he said. 

He said he plans to make Souris a better place to live and work.

“It’s a beautiful town,’’ he said. “When you’re coming into Souris, it’s one of the most picturesque scenes you’d see anywhere. The people are generally hard-working and honest people. You can leave your doors open at night without any worries so it’s a great place to live and to raise kids.’’

Souris councillors elected this evening are Wanda Bailey, Frankie Chaisson, Joanne Dunphy, Ian MacDonald, Thelma MacDonald and Kenny Peters.


Crapaud has a new mayor, with Neila Auld earning more votes than her opponent, Mike Connolly. Auld, former owner of the South Shore Pharmacy, served two terms on village council and told The Guardian last week that getting a full-time family physician for the area, working with the nearby village of Victoria, and attracting young families to the area are among her priorities.

“Everybody wants to see something done with Sherwood Forest and I think council is going to have to do something with the price of the properties. We need young families to move in. We’re losing them," she said.

Councillors for the municipality were elected by acclamation: Sabrina Arthur, Joanne Harvey, Donna Henley, Gary Lippman, Spencer MacKinnon, Arnold Stewart.

Eastern Kings

In Eastern Kings, Grace Cameron has been elected mayor, while councillors are Arthur Baker, Danelle Elliott, Bradley MacDonald, Bernadette McInnis, Anne McPhee and David Stewart.

Murray Harbour

Paul White has been elected mayor of Murray Harbour, beating out incumbent Garry Herring, and councillors previously acclaimed in the town are James Irving, Marlene MacNeil, Deborah Shea, Margaret VanIderstine, Carol White, Glen White


In Victoria, mayor Ian W. Dennison was previously acclaimed. Councillors elected tonight are Marly Anderson, Keith Dewar, Richard LaGrange, Michelle MacCallum, Susan Oxley and Pat Stunden Smith.

Miltonvale Park

Miltonvale Park's mayor, Hal Parker, was previously acclaimed. Councillors are: Tamsyn Cosh-MacKenzie, Andrew Frizzell, Philip Hooper, Spencer MacDonald, Paul Poole and Lindsey Rhynes.

North Shore

For the North Shore community, Gerard Watts was previously acclaimed as mayor. The following have been elected as councillors Ward 1 - Peter Vriends, Ward 2 - Krista Shaw, Ward 3 - Wanson Hemphill, Ward 4 - Bob Doyle, Ward 5 - Derek Cook and Ward 6 - Nancy MacKinnon.


Richard Furlong was elected mayor of York by acclamation. Councillors elected this evening are Mark Ashley, Catherine Burt, Darryl Lewis, Barbara Vessey, Gordon Vessey and Michael Vessey.


Incumbent Mayor Rowan Caseley was previously acclaimed. Councillors are Adrien Bernard, Ivan Gallant, Rodney Mann, Coreen Pickering, Jeff Spencer and Wade Toombs.


Tina Harvey was previously acclaimed as mayor of Kinkora, while Roy Cook, Damien McAvinn, Andrew McCardle, Andrew McCarville, Colin Montgomery and Janet Needham-Payne have been elected as councillors in that municipality's open ward system.


Charles MacKenzie was elected mayor of Borden-Carleton while Larry Allen, Randy Ahearn, Nicole Bernard-Arsenault, Fred Leard, Laurel Palmer-Thompson and Barb Wood were voted in as councillors.


Miscouche has voted in Albert Gallant as mayor, and Joan Arsenault, Ivan Blanchard, Jacqueline Lecky, Pat MacLellan, Allan Parks and John Searle as Miscouche.

Tyne Valley

The mayor-elect for Tyne Valley is Jeffery Noye. Councillors are Shelly Campbell, Trent MacDougall, Adam MacLennan, Matthew McGuire, Donald Milligan and Erica Wagner.


Wendy McNeill was acclaimed as mayor, while Milton Drummond, Lisa Fraser, Suzanne Matthews, Randy McNeill, Carrie Quinn and Kirk Ramsay have been elected as councillors.


David Gordon has been elected as mayor of Alberton. For more from Alberton, click here.


Tignish Mayor Allan McInnis earned back his post, while Sam Arsenault, Debbie Fennessey, Lloyd Gavin, John McInnis, Angel Murphy and Judy Richard-Morrissey were elected councillors.

The above results are unofficial until declaration day, Nov. 19.

More than 40 municipalities' mayors and councillors did not face any competition and have been acclaimed. RELATED: Mayors and councillors of more than 40 rural P.E.I. municipalities elected by acclamation.

And the Resort Municipality of Cavendish held its election in August, where its mayor, Matthew Jelley and council were also acclaimed.

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