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Man sentenced to 50 days for breaches

Provincial Court of Prince Edward Island.
Provincial Court of Prince Edward Island. - FILE

A judge sentenced a man to 50 days in jail for twice breaking an order to not have contact with a former partner he assaulted.

Aubrey Charles Doucette, 33, had contact on March 2 and April 18 with the woman he was twice convicted of assaulting.

Chief provincial court Judge Nancy Orr scoffed at a request from Doucette’s lawyer for probation only and no time in jail.

In fact, Orr voiced exasperation over Doucette’s failure to comply with the court order.

“Some days I just don’t understand what it takes,’’ she told Doucette. “When you have an order that says no contact, you have no contact. There is a reason those conditions are there — and it is your record.’’

Orr sentenced Doucette to 25 days for each of the two breaches to be served consecutively.

He was also ordered — yet again — to have no contact with his former partner.

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