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Kinkora, P.E.I., Mayor Tina Harvey resigns, appointed municipality's new CAO

Janet Payne, left, chairwoman of the parks, youth and recreation committee for the municipality of Kinkora, and Kinkora Mayor Tina Harvey are excited to see the multiplex used by members of the community and outside of the area.
Tina Harvey, right, has resigned as Mayor of Kinkora to become the municipality's CAO. Janet Payne, left, the deputy mayor will be acting mayor until a byelection is held and the position filled. - Millicent McKay

The former mayor of Kinkora doesn't have very far to walk to her new office after resigning from her post to take on the position of the municipality's chief administrative officer (CAO). 

Last Monday night, Mayor Tina Harvey resigned from her position on municipal council after discussions with other council members about the need for a someone to permanently fill the CAO position. 

"It was a difficult decision to make. It's been difficult to find a CAO, not just for us, but in other municipalities. We've had several people fill the position, but no long-term solution," said Harvey. 

Under the new Municipal Government Act (MGA), an individual on a municipal council cannot at the same time hold the position of CAO. 

"It was either one or the other. As mayor, my job was to serve the community. I think this is the best way I can serve the community going forward," she said. 

"I feel like a voice for the community, but in a different way. So I'm very excited about this new role."

The council had gone through the hiring process several times before, but hadn't managed to find the right candidate.

"[Tina] has such a great grasp of the MGA. She works so well with the public and had already been doing some of the duties the CAO would look after. And it had been advertised several times in attempt to find the long-term solution, so council discussed appointing her to the role," said Acting Mayor Janet Payne. 

Payne was Harvey's deputy mayor and will fill the lead role until a new mayor is chosen in a byelection. The municipality has up to six months from Harvey's resignation to hold a byelection and fill the position. 

"We hope to have a byelection this fall and have the position filled before the end of the year," said Payne. 

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