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Ivan Gallant leads the way in Kensington balloting as three incumbents lose seats

Former Kensington Mayor Ivan Gallant is running for election to take a seat at council once more.
Ivan Gallant. - Contributed

KENSINGTON, P.E.I. - Three members of Kensington’s current town council were re-elected and three others went down to defeat in Monday’s municipal election.

Coreen Pickering with 256 votes, Rodney Mann, 236; and Jeff Spencer, 232 get another term while councilors Marvin Mill, 219; Mack MacLean, 176 and David Doucette, 158, failed teo secure enough ballots for another term. Also failing to win election was Philip Sudsbury who received 169 votes.

Ivan Gallant, who served as mayor of Kensington until August, 2007, was the top vote-getter for a council seat, getting the nod of 299 of the 468 voters. Also elected were Adrien Bernard, 242 and Wade Toombs, 238.

The new council, led by mayor Rowan Caseley who was re-elected by acclamation, takes office in December.

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