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EMO head needed in Kensington

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KENSINGTON, P.E.I. - Kensington needs a leader for its Emergency Measures Organization.

“It is a fairly heavy-duty task. It’s not something to be taken lightly,” said Mayor Rowan Caseley at a recent council meeting.

The EMO plan was developed and put in place in 2016, but it needs to be kept up-to-date and town officials need to practice some exercises.

Of course, there also needs to be someone in place in case of an actual emergency.

“I’d sooner have something in place and a coordinator in place before we need it. And hopefully we’ll never need it,” said Caseley.

Warming station

More work is needed on the development of a warming station in Kensington.

After a storm on Nov. 29 caused widespread power outage, the town realized it needed a better plan for next time.

Mayor Rowan Caseley
Mayor Rowan Caseley

“Everyone was thinking the same thing: We were lucky because the temperature was only zero degrees,” said Caseley. “If it had’ve been minus 15 or minus 20, it could have been a little different.”

Council will look into what is required by regulations and how much it would cost to equip a shelter with a generator and supplies.

Area tourism strategy

A Strategic Tourism Expansion Program (STEP) is just about ready to get underway in Kensington.

Town council approved a $500 contribution to the committee. The funds will go to the $5,000, or 10 per cent of the total project cost the committee needs to get started.

The committee wants all businesses in the town to give a little to bring the project into fruition.

“Hopefully out of this will come more support and everybody moving forward together — that’s the plan,” said Caseley.

Pitching cages damaged

Two minor baseball pitching cages at Kensington’s Credit Union Centre came down in a November storm.

Before the town replaces them, CAO Geoff Baker will see how often the cages were used and bring the information back to council.

Hot showers, more lights

CAO Geoff Baker
CAO Geoff Baker

After one too many cold showers after a game, the Kensington Men’s Recreational Hockey League players requested in a letter to council to check into the hot water at the rink.

Baker said the hot water tanks were far from the dressing rooms and will consult a plumber to see what can be done.

The Zamboni and the dressing rooms share water from the same hot water tank and there might not be enough to go around after the Zamboni fills up.

The letter also requested more lighting for rec hockey games. The current practice is for most activities to get four lights, while Wild and Vipers hockey games get all six.

Coun. Ivan Gallant made a motion for rec hockey to also get all six lights, arguing the rec league was made up of skilled players and gameplay was fast.

The motion was defeated in favour of more discussion with the rec hockey organization.

Winter carnival

The 20th annual Kensington Winter Carnival was announced for Feb 7-10.

Ice time for tournament

Kensington Area Minor Hockey Association asked the town to donate 10 hours of ice time at Credit Union Centre for the Initiation Jamboree Fundraiser on Islander Day, Feb. 18.

Council approved the donation, a value of around $1,100.

Sidewalk snow clearing

Kensington’s snow clearing policy needs an update after a recent change has seen the province clearing the town’s streets.

Caseley said he’s gotten some good feedback from residents about the quality of the sidewalk clearing. The mayor said after a recent meeting the two employees are working nearly seven days a week this year to keep pedestrians safe in the town.

Credit Union Centre stats

Credit Union Centre Fitplex had over 12,000 visits by the end of November 2018, and 600 monthly memberships were on the books.

The arena ice surface was rented for 877 hours of ice time and 924 hours of use.

Fire Department Stats for November

The Kensington Fire Department responded to 13 incidents in November.

1 - Medical First Responder

2 – Motor vehicle collision

4  - Emergency response - fuel spill, etc.

1 – Structure fire

4 – Alarms

1 – Mutual aid call-out

Police Department Stats for November

Kensington Police Services responded to 71 incidents and collected $2,745 in fines in November.

3 – 911 calls

4 – Alarms

14 – Assistance calls

1 – Disturbing the peace

1 – Driving while disqualified

1 – Firearm Act

1 – Impaired driving

3 – Lost and found

1 – Mental Health Act

1 – Mischief

4 – Motor vehicle collisions

3 – Motor Vehicle Act

1 – Property check

2 – Suspicious persons/vehicle

3 – Theft of motor vehicle

2 – Theft under $5,000

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