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IN BRIEF: Notes from Alberton's January council meeting

David Gordon running for mayor of Alberton.
Alberton Mayor David Gordon. -File photo

ALBERTON, P.E.I. - Mayor David Gordon was affirmed by council as a new member to the Alberton planning board.

Other members returning are Bill Gillis, Robert Carruthers and councillors Claudia Gallant and David Cahill.

Council also approved a $30 per month cell phone allowance for the mayor.

Black marks re-visited

It happened in July, the day before a DiverseCity multicultural festival and two days before Communities in Bloom judges arrived to assess the town.

Someone in a truck made “power turns” all over Alberton’s Main Street, leaving the pavement covered in black marks.

At the January meeting of Alberton council, Gordon asked RCMP Staff -Sgt. Derek Hewitt about the investigation.
Hewitt said RCMP did review surveillance video but could not get a clear description of the suspect vehicle.

Other vehicles showed up on the surveillance at the same time, but no one responded to RCMP requests for information.

Council wants to help sponsor minor hockey tournament

Town councillors moved to amend Alberton’s donations bylaw, a process that Gordon said will take two months.

In the meantime though, council wants organizers of the Alberton Memorial Minor Hockey Tournament to know it is interested in helping to sponsor the event.

Council agreed to a $250 sponsorship, but tournament organizers will be made aware that the cheque cannot be written until the bylaw is amended.

“It is a big event for the town and we should support it,” said Coun. Claudia Gallant.

The donations policy amendment will also apply to future requests for donations and sponsorships.

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