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Here's a breakdown of the City of Summerside's recent monthly council meeting

['Summerside City Hall.']
['Summerside City Hall.']

Councillors discussed police occurrences, fire department calls and renewable energy

Monthly Police Services Occurrence Statistics

During the month of January, impaired driving statistics showed only one charge for the month, the lowest number recorded in recent years. The monthly police report also included a breakdown of the departments occurrence numbers.

– Traffic Accidents: 27

– Crimes against persons (assaults, threats, etc.): 20

– Crimes against property (thefts, B&Es, mischief, etc.): 64

– Impaired driving offences: One

– Highway traffic act tickets: 50

– Parking tickets issued: 228

– Parking warnings issued: 22

– Provincial traffic act offences: 51

Monthly fire department statistics

There were 23 paged calls to the Summerside Fire Department in January. Here’s how it breaks down:

– Medical First Response: One

– Alarm Panel: 7

– Motor vehicle accident/fire: One

– Structural Fires: One

– Appliance Fires: One

– Cancelled calls: 8

– Miscellaneous: 4

The monthly report also detailed the years some members of the department celebrated at the end of 2017 including:

– 10 years: Lindsay MacLeod and Neil Harris

– 20 years: Pat Kelly and Chris Ross

– 25 years: Danny Richard, Doug Gallant and Wayne MacKinnon

– 30 years: Jim MacAusland, Gordon Campbell, Robert Irving and Pete Peters.

Renewable energy record set  for Summerside

Wind power production in January was 36 per cent of the city’s power, with the peak electricity for the month setting a recorder for the colder months at 28.2 megawatts.

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