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Green leader on P.E.I. notes irony that secrecy surrounds freedom of information report

P.E.I. Green Party Leader Peter Bevan-Baker.

(Guardian File Photo)
FILE PHOTO: P.E.I. Green Party Leader Peter Bevan-Baker. ©THE GUARDIAN

A 2012 freedom of information review could become part of the background for another review currently underway, says Premier Wade MacLauchlan.

Those comments came after Green party Leader Peter Bevan-Baker said in the legislature Tuesday that he had asked for and never received a copy of the review, including through a written question for which he is awaiting a reply.

“Am I the only one that finds it ironic that the premier is being so secretive with a report that relates directly to access to information?”


Last week the provincial government announced it was launching a review of the province’s FOIPP Act and was looking for public input.

In 2012, the government conducted an internal review of the act, but the report of that review was never made public.

MacLauchlan responded to Bevan-Baker’s questions Tuesday by saying the written question was with the Justice Department.

He also said he was prepared to go back to work with the department to have the 2012 review be part of the background for the current review.

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