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Government to spend about $150,000 to replace leaky roof on P.E.I. school

['Mount Stewart Consolidated School']
Mount Stewart Consolidated School. ©THE GUARDIAN

Staff members used buckets to catch water when it rained

The days are numbered for Mount Stewart Consolidated School’s leaky roof.

Last week, the provincial government issued a tender for a partial roof replacement at the school where staff members were using buckets to catch water when it rained.

John Cummings, director of corporate services for the Public Schools Branch, said part of the roof was replaced in 2005 and the rest will be done under the current project.

“This will be part of our capital repair program,” he said.

The tender calls for the demolition of the existing roofing system down to the membrane, which will be repaired as required.

A new two-ply modified bitumen insulated system will be installed to replace the old roof.

Cummings said the project will cost around $150,000.

Work on the roof replacement will start in the spring or summer and be ready for the next school year, Cummings said.

In the meantime, Cummings said some patching was done within the last month to address any short-term issues.

Morell-Mermaid MLA Sidney MacEwen raised the issue of the leaky roof during the last sitting of the legislature and said he was glad to hear the tender was issued.

“It’s good news,” he said.

MacEwen said he understands the construction needs to be done at a time when students won’t be in the school.

He also said parents and staff did a good job lobbying for the repairs.

“The community will be quite excited,” MacEwen said.

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