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Gas prices hike 5.2 cents in P.E.I. in May 22 adjustment

Gas stations in the west end haven’t made any major decreases in their gas prices to match the cheaper prices at Costco Wholesale in the Galway neighbourhood of St. John’s. One independent owner says his station tries to compete by offering other items and services.
IRAC increased some fuel prices in P.E.I. on May 22, 2020. - SaltWire file photo

Gas and diesel prices in P.E.I. have risen 5.2 cents per litre in the May 22 petroleum pricing adjustment.

At self-serve outlets, regular, unleaded gasoline now ranges from 90.7 to 91.9 cpl, and diesel will range from 90.2 to 91.3 cpl.

The price of furnace oil has also increased, by 4.8 cpl, to a maximum of 60.7 cpl.

Propane prices will increase by 1.5 cpl for Irving Energy Distribution and Marketing, by 1.4 cpl for Superior Propane, by 1.3 cpl for Island Petroleum, and by 2.6 cpl for both Kenmac Energy Inc. and Noonan Petroleum. Maximum prices for propane will range from 74.5 to 75.7 cpl.

The Island Regulatory and Appeals Commission’s next scheduled price adjustment is May 29.

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