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Gas prices down again in P.E.I. in Jan. 24 IRAC adjustment

Gas stations in the west end haven’t made any major decreases in their gas prices to match the cheaper prices at Costco Wholesale in the Galway neighbourhood of St. John’s. One independent owner says his station tries to compete by offering other items and services.
Pumping gas - Glen Whiffen

Gas, diesel and furnace oil prices have decreased for the second week in a row.

The Island Regulatory and Appeals Commission has approved a 1.5-cent drop for a litre of gas; and three cents less for a litre of diesel or furnace oil.

At self-serve outlets, regular, unleaded gasoline will now costs from 110.7 to 111.9 cents per litre. Diesel ranges from 124.9 to 126.0 cpl. And the maximum price for furnace oil is 96.7 cpl.

The commission’s next scheduled price adjustment is Jan. 31.

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