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Four taken to hospital after three-vehicle crash in Summerside

Summerside Police Services
Summerside Police Services - SaltWire File Photo

One of the four people taken to hospital in Summerside on April 19 after a three-vehicle crash at a busy intersection has been transferred to hospital in Moncton.

The collision happened around 2 p.m. where Greenwood Drive meets Pope Road.

Summerside Police Services reported Tuesday that one victim involved in the crash was taken to a Moncton hospital for treatment of a neck injury and another was treated at Prince County Hospital for a broken arm.

Two others were also treated for less serious injuries at Prince County Hospital.

The current condition of the patient taken to Moncton is unknown.

Police have said that drugs and alcohol have been ruled out as causes of the crash, but the matter remains under investigation.

All four vehicles involved in the incident suffered severe damage, one ended up flipped onto its side on the roadway.

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