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First-time candidate announces for Kensington Council

Kensington Town Council candidate Adrien Bernard is hopeful to be elected to the council in order to represent the town.
Kensington town council candidate Adrien Bernard is hopeful to be elected to the council in order to represent the town. - Contributed

Adrien Bernard and Coreen Pickering plan to run for council in November election

KENSINGTON, P.E.I. – Another candidate has announced their intention to represent the town of Kensington following the upcoming municipal election.

Adrien Anne Bernard announced Thursday that she would seek a seat on the council, saying her desire to learn and bring the cares and concerns of town citizens forward will make her a good candidate.

“I grew up in Kensington and have lived here most of my life. I have also operated my business, Adrien’s Paw Spaw, in our town for the last eight years. I am hardworking, honest, determined and dedicated to making Kensington a wonderful place for us all to live, work and raise our families,” she added.

She continued, saying that the decision to run for council wasn’t taken lightly.

“I wanted to make sure I had the knowledge, experience and time commitment required to do a thorough job… I am interested in the development of our community. [In] speaking with Geoff (Baker, town CAO) and Rowan (Caseley, town mayor) about where we stand currently, and how we can sustain our integrity as a small town and still grow are the main reasons I have offered my name.”

In addition to her current business, Bernard has been a volunteer firefighter and medical first responder in both Nova Scotia and in Kensington.

She is also a past member of the army reserves in Nova Scotia. She has served on various boards and councils in Kensington over the past 15 years.

“I want to hear what residents have to say and how they would like to see our town improved. I also want to learn the details on how our Town operates. Both fiscally and from a community pride aspect that includes current residents and newcomers alike.”

Bernard is a mom of two  boys Reichen and Quinn and lives in Kensington.

Coreen Pickering, a current councillor, is running for re-election along with Kensington Mayor Rowan Caseley.

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