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Family and friends rally behind P.E.I.'s Jonathan Greenan, defending Jeopardy champion

Elizabeth and Gerard Greenan watch their son, a Summerside native, Jonathan appear on a television game-show.
Elizabeth and Gerard Greenan watch their son, a Summerside native, Jonathan appear on a television game-show. - Desiree Anstey

The support from the community has been extremely amazing, says former Summerside resident

SUMMERSIDE, P.E.I. - Every season some 80,000 people take an online test in the hopes of pressing the buzzer to correctly answer silver-haired Alex Trebek on the television game-show Jeopardy.

Only 400 make the in-person auditions, with the chance of being a contestant.

Summerside native Jonathan Greenan says it’s a “dream come true” to be on the game-show, let alone experience a “unified show of support” from family, friends, and newfound fans.

“The support from the community has been extremely amazing,” said Greenan.

“My parents travelled down in August to be in the audience for the first episode, and after that aired, friends I haven’t talked to in 10 to 15-years reached out. The experience is nothing but positive.” - Jonathan Greenan

His first episode aired Friday.

“I’ve always been a fan of the show since a kid, and it’s great to really test my mind and knowledge. The contestants I met in filming were incredible and had a great ability to play the game. It takes both skill and luck because you can’t control opponents’ expertise.”

Gerard and Elizabeth Greenan said it was nerve-wracking watching their son perform in Los Angeles, California.

“My sister joined us, and she lives in Ontario, so the three of us were in the audience. We could see him writing the ‘F’ in “What is Ferrari?” and I just put my head down and nervously waited,” said Gerard.

All three contestants correctly guessed the question, but Greenan came out on top with a one-day total of $27,201.

“You can hear my sister and I cheering him on in the background,” chimed Gerard.

“He’s always been very bright, and as a child, he loved to read and play trivia. We knew he had gone for the audition in Boston, U.S., four years ago, but we were surprised to learn that he had been trying for 10-years with the online tests,” shared Elizabeth.

“But he’s always been competitive and that’s a competitive game,” she noted.

Gerard acknowledged that he has received positive messages, comments, and phone calls from around the world.

“I have family in England that has been watching Jonathan on the show – there’s been a lot of support. We’re very happy for him, and he was very pleased with the crowd at Evermore Brewing company (viewing party on Friday),” said Gerard.

Evermoore Brewing Company, located at 192 Water St., will hold a second viewing party tonight in a show of support for Jonathan as the first defending champion.

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