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Council passes resolution to clean up ‘unsightly’ locations in Charlottetown

The city will clean up three unsightly properties in Charlottetown. -123RF
The city will clean up some of the unsightly locations in Charlottetown. -123RF - file photo

City staff has a lot of cleaning up to do around Charlottetown.

At Monday’s council meeting, five resolutions were passed to authorize the public works manager to cut grass, remove any fallen trees and subsequent undergrowth which could lead to the existence of animal life at areas mostly located on Upper Queen and Passmore streets.

The resolutions put forth by Coun. Jason Coady and seconded by Coun. Terry Bernard were passed 9-0 by council. The locations in violation of the dangerous, hazardous and unsightly bylaw are at: 29-31, 37-39, and 40 Passmore St. The other locations are 594-596 and 597-599 Upper Queen St.

Coun. Kevin Ramsay was upset the city was seemingly dealing with the same properties year after year.

“This is in my ward five… This is getting sort of ridiculous, it seems like our bylaw officer is running back to the same places every year. One of these places… the grass is probably four feet deep and the people live out in Vancouver.”

The resolution gives the city the right to remove any other debris or material, clean up and properly dispose it at the owner’s expense.

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