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Borden-Carleton watching budget closely

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The Town of Borden-Carleton is running on a tight budget. 

Total expenses to date for the town of Borden-Carleton are $733,312.82. 

The budget for the year is $767,000.

“We have about $34,000 left in our budget for the whole operation which is running it very close because we have two-and-a-half months to go," said deputy Mayor Fred Leard, at a recent monthly council meeting. 

“I think we’re gonna have to really look at things before we move any extra purchases at this time so we can finish our year.”

Council’s dedication to their budget was demonstrated later when they decided to table a request for a new rescue toboggan for the fire department until the March meeting when the new budget comes up. 

The Borden-Carleton fire department was looking to split the cost of a new rescue toboggan with the town, each would pay around $2,000.

“With the snowmobile trails and all the new ATV trails, the (fire) department feels that a rescue sled is needed in case of an accident on the trail,” the fire department wrote in a letter to council. 

The proposed toboggan fits into the fire department’s rescue vehicle and would replace the current winter-only toboggan which requires a snowmobile to retrieve it at the fire hall and then tow it to the scene.

The proposed sled can be used all year round and would arrive at the scene with the firefighters instead of needing a snowmobiler to travel to the fire department and hook up to the sled before heading to the incident.

“It could be an asset we need,” said Coun. Barb Wood.

Leard was keeping an eye on the budget, however, and suggested the rescue sled could wait until the new fiscal year. 

“My personal feeling is that it’s time to slow down until we get through this year,” said Leard. “I have no reason to think I wouldn’t want to have it done, but I just don’t think it’s the right time.”

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