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Australian man arrested in Charlottetown in regards to child pornography charges

A 57-year-old Australian man has been arrested in Charlottetown and charged with possession of child pornography, making and distributing child pornography.

Stephen Peter Menzies Murray of Frenchville, Queensland, Australia was arrested on Oct. 3 by Queens District RCMP, along with assistance from the RCMP Federal Investigation Unit, RCMP Major Crimes Unit and RCMP Tech Crime Unit.

Murray has been charged with three charges of possession, making and distributing child pornography. He was remanded into custody and will appear in court on Friday, Oct. 19 for a show cause hearing.

According to the RCMP, Murray had only been in P.E.I. for a day or two prior to his arrest.

This investigation continues.

Queens RCMP would like to thank a member of the public who reported suspicious activity to the RCMP office. With this assistance, the RCMP were able to quickly begin an investigation and make the arrest before the accused was able to leave the province.

The RCMP encourages citizens to be a voice for children who are victims of sexual exploitation by reporting any suspected offences to your local police or by using Canada's National Tip Line for reporting online sexual exploitation of children at

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