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Robbie Burt enters race for Summerside Ward 4 council seat

Robbie Burt, Ward 4: Clifton-Market candidate.
Robbie Burt, Ward 4: Clifton-Market candidate. - Contributed

Robbie Burt, Murray Morison and Cory Snow are vying for the Clifton–Market seat

SUMMERSIDE – Another candidate has come forward in the fight for a city council seat representing Ward 4: Clifton – Market.

Robbie Burt, a resident of Ward 4 for about 23 years with his wife Shelley Gaudet, announced his candidacy recently.

“I believe the City of Summerside is unique and an excellent place to live however, just like every other city, we have our challenges to overcome.

“The mayor and council have a great vision for the city, now I would like to help expand on those initiatives to make sure that all citizens reap the benefits of the hard work happening in Summerside.”

Cory Snow and Murray Morison are also in the race for the Ward 4 seat. Clifton – Market is currently represented by Councillor Brent Gallant. Last month Gallant announced he was running for mayor.  

Burt is an employee at Careworx Inc. an IT company located in the Holman Building.

“I am also a long-time community volunteer and have worked hard over the past 15 years to improve the lives of persons with disabilities.”

Burt, who is visually impaired, was the first person from P.E.I. with a disability to qualify for and race in the Boston Marathon.

“I believe I have a good understanding and appreciation for the hard work it takes to achieve the goals you set, not only as an individual, but as part of a team.

It would be humbling to be entrusted by the citizens of Summerside and Ward 4 to work on their behalf and to achieve the goals set out by mayor, council and residents of our great city.”

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