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Alternate plan successful in Alberton lagoon project

Councillor David Cahill.
Deputy mayor David Cahill. - Eric McCarthy file photo

Work on Alberton's wastewater lagoon has wrapped up, heard council at the June meeting. 

Deputy Mayor David Cahill reported that general contractor Curran and Briggs has completed the major project, approved at the May council meeting.   

The work was almost delayed until fall because of concerns about partially treated effluent being released into Alberton Creek, but the contractor and the town’s engineer came up with a plan to drop sandbags into the lagoon to dam off the work space. The temporary dam allowed the project to go ahead without releasing any wastewater from the lagoon into the creek.

“Sometime this week Curran and Briggs will be leaving with the job completed. It cost a little bit more than anticipated, but at least the job is done and I think the town and Northport (the community downstream) are extremely pleased with the work,” Cahill said.

The completed project allows for outflow from the lagoon to be measured so that the appropriate ultra-violet light system can be designed for treating the effluent. 

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