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Kensington likely to limit access to yard waste dump site in the future

Kensington Town Hall.
Kensington Town Hall. - -File photo

Kensington town council is moving to limit access to a yard waste dump on municipal property, which residents have traditionally had free access to.

During their committee of council meeting on Monday, councillors decided to limit access to the dumpsite to only certain times of the year and after severe weather events. Council passed a motion directing the town’s chief administrative officer to write a policy to that affect, which they will consider for adoption at a future meeting.

The site in question is behind the town’s public works department on Stewart Street. For nearly 20 years the town has allowed the disposal of yard waste there, mostly tree branches, leaves and other organic material.

The site is unlocked daily and many residents use the area to dump their yard waste rather than wait for street-side pickup by Island Waste Management Corporation.

Several times a year the town pays for a private contractor to compact the material and cover it with shale and topsoil.

However, what was once a steep embankment is now almost level with the municipal works building. There has been concern that if the town continues to allow residents to dump there it could start to cause runoff back into the building, in addition to the fact that the space is now nearly full.



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