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Former minister’s case rescheduled again

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The fraud case against a former Kensington area Presbyterian minister is still in the pre-trail stage in the Ontario court system.

Harold Alan Stewart, 67, is facing 11 fraud-related charges in Durham Region Courthouse.

His case was called briefly on Dec. 4 but was rescheduled again until Dec. 14 for a further update.

The case has most recently been conducting a preliminary hearing,

Stewart was charged in November 2016, following an investigation Ontario police called Project Banshee.

Police allege that Stewart and his co-accused befriended the victim and eventually gained access to her credit card and took out a mortgage against her property.

The victim's losses were about $160,000.

The remaining charges against him include one count of fraud under $5,000, two counts of fraudulent use of credit card, four counts of fraud over $5,000, two counts of uttering a forged document, one count of laundering the proceedings of crime and one count of theft by power of attorney.

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