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False alarms flagged in Kensington

['Town of Kensington. File photo']
['Town of Kensington. File photo']

KENSINGTON – The Town of Kensington has adopted a new policy regarding false fire alarms.

From now on, anytime the Kensington Volunteer Fire Department responds to a call that is later deemed a false alarm, a letter will sent to the property owner. It will outline the impact that such events have on the department and its firefighters, as well as mitigating steps the owner can take to help reduce false alarms.

The town is hopeful this will help cut down on the number false alarms firefighters respond to.

The percentage of total calls in Kensington that are false alarms has varied significantly over the past several years. In 2014 it was 17 per cent of calls, while so far this year (at least until the end of October), the number was 32 per cent.

This latest policy follows a previous decision by council to introduce a $200 fee for false alarm calls to the Kensington Police Department. That policy only applies to commercial properties.





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