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Dog rescued from Summerside sewage plant tank

Collie covered in mud.
Collie covered in mud. - 123RF Stock Photo

The next time your dog decides to roll in something questionable think about this story and be thankful it wasn’t something worse.

A City of Summerside employee recently got some kudos from council for helping a wayward pup out of an, um, let’s say, sticky situation.

The dog, believed to be a collie of some kind weighing about 50 pounds, was with its owner walking along the Baywalk boardwalk on MacKenzie Drive when it took off running. The pooch ran through an open gate at the city’s wastewater processing facility and jumped into the primary clarifying tank.

The tank is a huge in-ground cement reservoir into which all the city’s wastewater flows. Solids are separated as they settle at the bottom of the tank.  

Staff at the plant quickly spotted the dog and Chad Fraser, the plant operator, fished it out of the tank by reaching through the surrounding safety rail.

The dog was reunited safely with its owner.

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