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‘The Inn Crowd’ on stage at New Glasgow Christian Church, Dec. 8-9

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NEW GLASGOW, P.E.I. - "The Inn Crowd", a Christmas musical drama, will be presented Saturday and Sunday, Dec. 8-9, 7:30 p.m., by the New Glasgow Christmas Choir at the New Glasgow Christian Church.

A part of the Christmas story relates that Jesus was born in a stable because there was no room for him in the inn. Who were the people in the rooms when Joseph and Mary arrived? Who crowded Jesus out? That question becomes the theme for this musical drama as the audience meets these intriguing characters in the “Inn Crowd”.

The New Glasgow Christian Church is located opposite the New Glasgow Lobster Suppers at 617 Route 258, New Glasgow.

Admission is free, but the choir hopes to raise enough money through donations to send a stable full of animals to a World Vision village. Through World Vision, it is possible to send farm animals to the world’s neediest children and their families. The World Vision Christmas Gift Catalogue gives groups and individuals the opportunity to bring health and lasting income to a hungry family. The gift of animals is a gift that keeps giving year after year. Families who receive the animals attend training classes about animal rearing and breeding.

Through the “Pass On” program, when a family receives goats, for example, they agree to pass on to another family the same number of goats once the animals have reproduced. Around the world, the gift of animals is creating a domino effect of generosity to help families living in poverty. A stable full of animals can transform an entire community. Each Christmas for the past few years, the choir has raised enough money to send several stables to several villages in need.

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