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Summerside native Corey Poirier launches book, this time with crowdfunding

Corey Poirier and his new book, "The Book of WHY (and HOW)"
Corey Poirier and his new book, "The Book of WHY (and How)"

'Book of WHY (and HOW)' is motivational speaker's new project

Corey Poirier, a Summerside native, and multiple-time TEDx Speaker, is launching another book, this time using crowdfunding.

The new “Book of WHY (and HOW)” is being launched through the popular Kickstarter website.

“A book changed my life forever," said Poirier. "I honestly felt my new book, with the thousands of interviews that went into making it possible, could change a life, and I felt engaging in a community was the best way to get it into as many hands as possible.”

He is about half way through his launch, and at 88 per cent of his funding target.

He feels he made the right choice in launching this way, and hopes to move well past the target in the coming weeks.

Poirier is hoping to get the books into the hands of many Atlantic Canadians in time for Christmas.

Readers can grab a copy of the new “Book of WHY (and HOW)” and support his new project by visiting

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