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'Still the Water': Summerside author/filmmaker is one step closer to bringing script to screen

Susan Rodgers, left, Edith Cole, and Joady Walton look over the script of Rodgers’s movie, “Still the Water.”
Susan Rodgers, left, Edith Cole, and Joady Walton look over the script of Rodgers’s movie, “Still the Water.” - Millicent McKay

The hard work of a small army will come to fruition next week as filming for Susan Rodger’s feature film “Still the Water” will begin.

“The journey started in mid-2017 when we decided to try to make it happen. Then we started our own corporation, began fundraising, and now we’re moving our focus to making a movie,” said Rodgers .

Now, the Summerside filmmaker and author (best known for the "Drifters" series), is one step closer to her dream. 

“We didn’t reach our fundraising goal. And it was actually Jeremy Larter from 'Pogey Beach' (an Island-based feature-length comedy) that gave me the advice to just do it anyway; even if we didn’t have all the funding.”

Rodgers was hoping the campaign would raise about $500,000. But local businesses have provided other kinds of donations like hospitality services, transportation and more.

Film production will begin on Tuesday and continue until about Saturday. Then there will be a short break before starting up again from April 15 to May 3.

Want to help?

Want to own part of “Still the Water?” Edith Cole did, she even had her husband buy some stock in the movie. For more information go to, email or to find out information on being in the background contact

Cast and crew will be filming the 12th draft of the script.

And while Rodgers may have a few butterflies thinking about starting production, she said she is calm and confident that the crew is prepared.

“We’ve got a great team. From production co-ordination and management to props. We’ve got a great group.”

Rodgers said she feels blessed that Summerside, surrounding communities and the Island has come together to support her and help her dream come true.

“I’m very honoured that they cared enough to help me. Because up until mid-February, I didn’t know if this was going to happen. I thought it was going to all fall apart. And then I found out it was a go.”

“Still the Water” shooting locations

  • The Kensington rink
  • Samuel’s Coffee House
  • Darnley
  • Summerside Harbour
  • Slemon Park
  • Kinkora
  • French River

Edith Cole, the production-co-ordinator, is enjoying her first time working in the film industry.

“Recently, the teaser was shown at Filmworks Summerside before their monthly movie, it was really cool to see the interest from the community. It’s incredible to watch their reactions and emotions as they see it unfold.”

Cole was a fan of Rodgers books before volunteering to help with production.

“On the same day I finished her first book, I went out and bought the next 11,” she said with a chuckle.

Joady Walton, production-manager, said she has butterflies.

“There’s something about being anxious and excited like that, makes you work hard. We’ve been getting ready for quite a while. A few weeks ago, I may have said ‘ahhhh’ thinking about going to production, but now it’s great.”

Rodgers and Walton met on the set of Emily of New Moon. Walton has been involved in a number of other productions.

“Still the Water” will be filmed in a number of Island locations including Kensington, Summerside, and Darnley.

“We’re a team of people who all have different strengths. We’ve got a great cast, with both local actors and actors from Vancouver and Toronto. But what’s great is this isn’t only my dream come true, it’s not just my journey. It’s theirs too.”

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