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Province continues to invest in P.E.I. artists by awarding more grants

['Catherine MacLellan joins Dennis Ellsworth and Nick Doneff to play at a song-writers circle at the Delta Prince Edward on Feb. 14.']
Catherine MacLellan

Artists enriching the province’s cultural life with the help of provincial government funding

Artists from across P.E.I. continue to enrich the province’s cultural life with the help of provincial government grants.

Another $50,000 has been awarded in fall 2017 to 17 projects by established and emerging artists in film and media arts, music, theatre, crafts, visual arts, interdisciplinary arts, writing and publishing.

Since announcing the first round of arts grants in 2016, government has awarded over $200,000 in direct investments to artist projects.

"Islanders are proud and deeply appreciative of the contributions our artists make to our economy and quality of life," said Education, Early Learning and Culture Minister Jordan Brown.

He noted the funds provide Island artists the support “to create and exhibit their work in Island communities, across Canada, and around the world.”

Grant winners were selected by a six-member jury of their arts community peers from 66 applicants. The process is modeled on the practice followed by the Canada Council of Arts.

To build on this investment, a new long-term plan for culture on Prince Edward Island will be released early next week. The soon-to-be released strategy will include a creative industry market program to support collaboration among artists, enterprises, and industry development groups to grow creative business and better access to new markets.


P.E.I. grant recipients

Here are the successful arts grants recipients for fall 2017:

Jeana MacIsaac

Professional development, established, theatre $1,600


Professional development, established, music $2,500

Millefiore Clarkes

Professional development, established, film $1,775

Shawnte Burrell

Professional development, emerging, interdisciplinary $1,900

Glen Strickey

Dissemination, established, visual arts $2,500

John Hopkins

Dissemination, established, film $1,000

Norma Jean MacLean

Dissemination, emerging, visual arts $1,200

Rachel Beck

Dissemination, established, music $2,500

Brenda Whiteway

Creation, established, visual arts $5,000

Catherine MacLellan

Creation, established, music $5,000

Jason Gallant

Creation, emerging, visual arts $4,025

Jim O’Leary

Creation, established, music $5,000

Matt Putnam

Creation, established, music $3,500

Megan Stewart

Creation, emerging, theatre $5,000

Monica Lacey

Creation, emerging, visual arts $4,000

Nikki Gallant

Creation, emerging, music $2,500

Sadie McCarney

Creation, emerging, writing $1,000

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