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Four Tellers get ‘The Last Laugh’ at their next show in Summerside

The Four Tellers are (from left) Gary Evans, David Weale, Alan Buchanan and Denny King.
The Four Tellers are (from left) Gary Evans, David Weale, Alan Buchanan and Denny King. - Contributed

SUMMERSIDE, P.E.I. – The College of Piping in Summerside will welcome The Four Tellers to its new Celtic Performing Arts Centre on Thursday, Aug. 23, at 7:30 p.m.

Many of the foursome’s other shows have sold out, so if you missed getting tickets for their performances in Georgetown or Victoria-by-the-Sea, there’s still a chance to see them in Summerside.

After three years of playing to packed houses in Georgetown and other theatres across the Island, The Four Tellers are back for another summer of storytelling in a show called “The Last Laugh.”
The show features four friends and master-storytellers, Denny King, Gary Evans, Alan Buchanan and David Weale, sitting around a table swapping stories of the Island that invariably have the audience roaring with laughter, or sometimes, brushing aside a tear.
Also, woven into the storytelling are the sparkling musical arrangements of Rachael Beck and Bennett Buell.
The unique charm of the tellers is the spontaneous, unscripted quality of the show which allows the audience to feel as though they are right there, in the kitchen, as the stories roll out, one drawing the next, like tissues out of a box.

As one reviewer, Gordon Cobb, wrote: “Between the hoots and the hollers and the almost tears, there is the feeling in the theatre of being fully human. And fully alive. Catch it while you can.”
Because, after all, it is called, The Last Laugh.

Tickets for the Aug. 23 show are $25 plus taxes and fees.

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