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Farmers are invited to safely dispose of their agricultural waste

A potato harvester sits idle in a field.
A potato harvester sits idle in a field. - Eric McCarthy

CleanFarms will collect the pesticides and livestock (including equine) medications to ensure they are disposed of safely

SummersideA national program urges P.E.I. farmers to dispose of their unwanted and obsolete waste for free from Nov. 6 to17.

The program, CleanFarms, will collect the pesticides and livestock (including equine) medications to ensure they are disposed of safely.

Robert Godfrey, executive director of the P.E.I. Federation of Agriculture, acknowledged that Island farmers are environmentally conscious and said he is pleased to partner with the CleanFarms program.

"The CleanFarms collection program provides an excellent one-stop service for P.E.I. farmers to continue to protect the land," he said.

CleanFarms is an industry-led national not-for-profit environmental stewardship organization, which works in partnership with the Canadian Animal Health Institute.

Barry Friesden, the general manager of CleanFarms, is aware that P.E.I. farmers’ roots run deep, and he says they have a good history of stewardship.

“Prince Edward Island has a history of successful collections. The participation of P.E.I. farmers shows they are good stewards of their land and committed to protecting the environment," said Friesden.

After the drop-off, the pesticides and medications are taken to a licensed waste management facility where they are disposed of safely through high temperature incineration.

The national collection program comes to each province every three years. In between collection periods, farmers are asked to safely store their unwanted pesticides and livestock medications until they can properly dispose of them through the program.



Drop off points

The following locations will be accepting obsolete pesticides and livestock or equine medications from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. on the dates specified:

McCain Fertilizer
31 Gard Road
T: 902-853-4568

Cavendish Agri Services
41 North Street
T: 902-859-2200

McCain Fertilizer
168 Greenwood Drive
T: 902-888-5571

Cavendish Agri Services
848 Read Drive
T: 902-436-4884

PEI Agromart Ltd.
26210 Hwy 2
T: 902-436-1600

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