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Ceilidh Acadien at the Old Triangle in Charlottetown

The Old Triangle
The Old Triangle - Google maps

Ceilidh Acadien, featuring three musicians from different geographical locations coming together to create a cultural dialogue, mixing vocal and instrumental traditions, is in Charlottetown for a show this evening at the Old Triangle.

Eveline Ménard (Joliette Que.), Robert Deveaux (Chéticamp) and Mary Beth Carty (Antigonish, N.S). look forward to creating a unique blend to share with the public.

During a research voyage from the Madeleine Islands to Prince Edward Island to Antigonish County to Cape Breton Island, they are excited to meet folks and share the stories, tunes and songs they have been collecting. The show runs 7-11 p.m.

For more information on the Ceilidh Acadien research tour, visit the website of accordionist-guitarist-singer Carty at

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