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TOSH students take it to the swamps and back with an ogre-sized musical performance

Get ready to embark on a magical journey with ‘Shrek The Musical’ at Three Oaks Senior High School.
Get ready to embark on a magical journey with ‘Shrek The Musical’ at Three Oaks Senior High School. - Desiree Anstey

A loveable and oh-so-flatulent swamp dweller will soon bring his crazy bunch of misfit friends to take over the Black Box Theatre’s stage in Three Oaks Senior High School.

“Shrek The Musical” is a new-age fairy tale of a green ogre, a princess and a land called Far, Far Away – but this time with dance routines and musical numbers, according to TOSH student Jarrid Palmer who plays the title character, Shrek.

“I do dance occasionally, although I don’t have the best moves, and I sing too. But this humourous musical is a lot different than the Oscar-winning animated (2001 Dreamworks) movie. The audience can expect a lot of surprises along the way,” said Palmer, who said this is his first lead role.

“My character Shrek is very introverted, unlike me. He doesn’t like anyone for a good reason, and he loves his secluded swamp in a forest. But Shrek is forced to venture away from his swamp to rescue – reluctantly – Princess Fiona. Does it work out? Well, I guess we will have to see,” he grinned.

Shrek, the most feared and hated ogre in all the land, embarks on a journey to claim back his swampy solitude. But along the way he encounters rat packs, fire-breathing dragons, and a princess with a mysterious secret of her own.

“I’m a little meaner and greener come nighttime,” said TOSH student Megan Smith, as she described her character Princess Fiona.

“All my life I have been reading stories about how a princess is supposed to be rescued – by a brave knight. We are supposed to share true love’s first kiss and live happily ever after, so when Shrek comes along and hauls me out of my tower to be brought to Lord Farquaad to marry, I’m thrown off,” she said.

Sandra McNeill handmade all of the costumes for the production, each taking more than seven hours to complete.

“I haven’t counted all the costumes I’ve made, but it’s been quite a few,” said McNeill, who plays Shrek’s mother in the very first scene.

Show details:

  • The play is held at the Black Box Theatre in Three Oaks Senior High School
  • Tickets are $15 at TOSH main office
  • The show runs from April 26-28 and May 2-4. The doors open at 6:30 p.m. and the show starts at 7 p.m.

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