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P.E.I. non-profits come together to encourage Islanders to ‘make time’ for movement

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Members of various P.E.I. groups are encouraging Islanders to “make time for movement”.

Representatives from Recreation P.E.I, Sport P.E.I., Parasport and Recreation P.E.I., Special Olympics P.E.I., and Aboriginal Sport Circle have come together and started the “make time” campaign, which is part of the group’s goal to reinforce the importance of physical literacy to Islanders. 

Campaign spokeswoman Valerie Vuillemot said physical literacy is the “journey upon which individuals at all stages in life develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes they need to participate in a wide variety of activities”.

The campaign, which ran until the end of November, encourages Islanders of all ages to take the “make time” pledge. 

By taking the pledge, participants commit to making time for movement in their day and have a chance to win a weekend activity getaway at the Mill River Resort.

“It may be as simple as trying a new activity or finding a partner or a group to be active with,” said Vuillemot. 

“Everyone is capable of movement – the key is to focus on what motivates you, be confident about what you can do already and to remember that the more you do something, the better you will get.”

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