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Fresh coat of paint for Summerside's Eptek Centre


Renovations at the Eptek Art and Culture Centre will soon be wrapping up.

The $150,000-project was first announced late last year. 

Site director Nikkie Gallant said the project started in February of this year, with improvements to the exterior and subtle changes to the interior. 

“We re-did the bathrooms with one bathroom now having enough space to be fully accessible, which we didn't have before. We had a new h-vac (air conditioning) system installed last winter.” 

Another change to the inside of the centre is the entry way, which received a facelift with new framing and new tiles.  

“It used to be wood framing (on the windows). All of that has been replaced with metal framing, so that should hold up to the elements better. And it looks better, some of the wood was quite old,” said Gallant. 

The Eptek Arts and Culture Centre is finishing it's renovation project in Summerside.
The Eptek Arts and Culture Centre is finishing it's renovation project in Summerside.

Along with the interior improvements, the centre received a completely new look on the outside. 

“The exterior of the building has had a lot of work done, replacing rotten wood, a new paint job. And new panels (of vinyl) for some colour.” 

Gallant said a goal in mind during the project was give the centre a different feel from its neighbour in the theatre. 

“One of the things we were concerned about was looking like we were here. Sometimes, we looked like we were part of theatre’s building. But now we’ll have our own distinct identity within the larger building.” 

Renovations should be completed within the month, said Gallant. 

“It’s very close to being finished, it could be this week or the next. There are a few panels left to but up, and a few small things. It was a big project and we’re excited it’s almost done. It’s getting closer everyday.” 

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