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Jeanie & Charles set to perform Friday evening in Charlottetown

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The acoustic duo, Jeanie & Charles, might be considered the new kids in town, but neither are musical newbies and both are far from kids (though still young at heart).

Jeanie Campbell, along with fellow singer, Keila Glydon, are the “friends” in the popular and long-running Charlottetown rock ’n’ roll band Phase II and Friends. Guitarist and vocalist Charles Reid is part of the North Shore-based dance band Party Mix.

Campbell and Reid have teamed up to form Jeanie & Charles as a side project. The pair perform in the cozy confines of The Merchantman Next Door on April 19, starting at 7 p.m.

“Have fun and block the exits … just kidding about ‘block the exits’,” said Campbell. “We’ve gathered up a boatload of our favourite songs from our favourite artists, ranging from U2 to Adele to Cheap Trick to Janice Joplin to Amy Winehouse. It just feels good to sing. We are so lucky and hope you can join us.”

Look for Jeanie & Charles to serve up a buffet of rock, blues, pop, country and soul, and maybe sprinkle in an original song just to season the mix.

“Diversity matters. The music stays fresh, we’re never going through the motions,” Reid said. “We like stripping down songs, removing all the production and rebuilding them in an acoustic format and making them ours.”

For more information, call or text 902-218-3385 or 902-626-9622.

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