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EMMETT BLOIS: 30 minutes can make a big difference to fitness

Emmett Blois is a former contestant on Big Brother Canada and The Amazing Race Canada. He owns The Barn Fitness in Elmsdale, N.S.
Emmett Blois is a former contestant on Big Brother Canada and The Amazing Race Canada. He owns The Barn Fitness in Elmsdale, N.S. - The Chronicle Herald

Strengthening muscles through resistance training key to getting fit

Hey Atlantic Canada! I’m Emmett Blois. You might remember me from Big Brother Canada or The Amazing Race Canada. For both reality shows, I had to be in the best physical shape possible.

Because of my love for fitness, I’ve opened my own gym. The Barn Fitness is located in Elmsdale, N.S., and as the owner and a trainer, I specialize in weight loss and strength training. We recently celebrated our second anniversary and now I’ve been given the opportunity to provide all of you with fitness and nutrition tips every two weeks.

Seeing as this is the first column, I thought I would pick a common theme that I find I hear from the average, working-class individual: “I’m not lazy, so that means I don’t have to work out.” Regardless of what your day job looks like, to put it simply, this is not true. An individual who works in a labor-intensive job versus someone who sits at a desk may burn more calories. However, neither individual is really strengthening their muscles.

In order to strengthen our muscles, we must perform consistent resistance training. This can be done in many different forms and is always different based on the physical fitness level of the individual. Resistance training is so important because strength training increases muscle mass, which helps us with our balance, flexibility and helps promote healthy joints and bones as we age.

I realize that most of us don’t spend quality time performing resistance training because we think we don’t have time. We work hard, take care of our families, run errands and hopefully have just enough time to get adequate rest so that we can get up and do it again. Therefore, time management is at the forefront of it all!

Promise me something, Atlantic Canada: for the next seven days, look at your schedule and plan 30 minutes for fitness each day. Once you’ve found the time, do some research and visit local fitness facilities that will support your new resistance training goals. Choosing the right fitness facility is like buying a pair of shoes. You don’t always choose the first pair, just like you might not choose the first facility you visit. You’re about to take the first steps of your fitness journey so make sure you’re going to be working with someone or a facility that will walk that journey with you. Ensure it is tailored to YOU!

Check back in two weeks, I’ll be discussing how to find the motivation to stay on track every day and how to make our goals a lifestyle.

Remember guys, every body is different and any one health and fitness tip might not work for everyone. For tailored advice, I advise reaching out to a fitness instructor in your area or feel free to come visit us at The Barn!

Ask a question: Each week, I’ll feature a reader’s question, provide my general advice and opinion on the topic! Want me to answer your questions? Email me at

Emmett Blois is a fitness trainer and owner of The Barn Fitness in Elmsdale, N.S. He’s passionate about working out and helping people reach their fitness goals. Email him at Follow Blois on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter


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