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This week at Westisle Composite High

['Westisle Wolverines']
['Westisle Wolverines']

By Megan Butler

Upcoming Dates

The last day of classes for first semester is Jan. 23.

The first semester exam schedule is as follows:

Jan. 24 – SLA (Grade 10s), SMA/B/K (Grade 11s currently enrolled in MAT521A, MAT521B and MAT521K courses)

Jan. 25 – Period 1 Final Exam

Jan. 26 – Period 2 Final Exam

Jan. 29 – Period 3 Final Exam

Jan. 30 – Period 4 Final Exam

Jan. 31 – Turn Around Day (no classes).

The new semester at Westisle starts Feb. 1.

General News

Thanks to our Student Focus group as well as our third period teachers and students for their fundraising efforts before Christmas. They raised $1,500 for the #fillitforfood campaign. All money was used to support local families in need around Christmastime.

Westisle frequently utilizes a Facebook page to keep in contact and address any questions or comments regarding our school. However, should you have a concern that is time sensitive, you are encouraged to call the school a 902-853-8626 so the issue may be addressed as soon as possible.

Ms. Hamill has been volunteering her time with the Grade 12 students to meet and discuss post-secondary options, scholarships, applications, transcripts, and more. She has been holding half-hour sessions and half-hour information sessions to keep students informed. However, keep in mind that if a deadline falls on a weekend, the institution will not be accepting the information past due.

Students who started at Westisle as a Grade 10 student in the fall will be writing the SLA (Secondary Literacy Assessment). This writing will take place in the morning on Jan. 24. If you are unclear as to whether or not your child is writing the assessment, there will be a list of names posted on the office window. Students will have access to a sample version next Tuesday. If you have further questions regarding this, contact Heidi Morgan.

Upcoming Opportunities

The IWK is offering a Future Health Research and Innovations Scholarship. The deadline for this will be March 1. Contact guidance with further questions.

The House of Commons Page Program is now accepting applications. Submit applications online to the Parliament of Canada website at

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