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This week at Kensington Intermediate-Senior High

Kensington Intermediate Senior High School
Kensington Intermediate Senior High School - Submitted

Submitted by KISH students Abby Christopher and Callie Champion

This week at KISH students celebrated the Winter Carnival with many fun dress-up days and activities.


Monday was Jeans Day as students showed off their denim.

After school, there was junior high badminton tryouts, and the senior high men’s basketball team played Gray 2. The men's team is now finished for the year. Good work this season boys.


On Occupational Day students dressed up as what they want to be when they’re older.

At lunch, the Miss KISH pageant started as contestants were introduced.

After school, the gym was busy with basketball and volleyball practices.


Gym and Travel and Tourism students went skiing at Brookvale.

It was the talent portion of the Miss KISH pageant at lunch, where students had lots of fun.


Our senior women’s basketball team played their first playoff game against Grace Christian. Best regards to both teams as they advance to their games on Monday.

It was also Grade Colours Day, where each grade dressed in a different color.

At lunch, the Miss KISH pageant winner was crowned.

The Knights of Columbus Free Throw Competition also took place. Congratulations to all of the KISH participants.


Students have no school Monday and the KISH science fair is Wednesday.

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