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Summerside nurse honoured for her French language service

Samantha Arsenault was named Étoile Santé for January 2018.
Samantha Arsenault was named Étoile Santé for January 2018. - Submitted

It takes a special kind of person to be a nurse

SUMMERSIDE – Samantha Arsenault helps patients at the Prince County Hospital in Summerside cheer up and get well after surgery by using her French speaking skills.

Arsenault was recently named Étoile Santé for January, recognizing her efforts.

"I enjoy being able to speak French to the patients in my unit, but I am also called upon to go to the Emergency Department or other areas of the hospital to serve as an interpreter,” said Arsenault.

“It's important to understand and to be understood when there's an accident or health issues, as much for the patient as for the people with him or her."

Arsenault graduated from École Évangéline in 2006. She continued her education in nursing at Université de Moncton, receiving her degree in December 2010.

During her last two years of study, she took part in a provincial government sponsorship program. In addition to awarding her a scholarship, the provincial government guaranteed her a two-year position in P.E.I.

"I started to work in Prince County Hospital's medical and palliative care unit. After my maternity leave, my two-year position was coming to an end, so I applied for a permanent position in surgery. I've been there since August 2013."

The P.E.I. French Health Network is shining a light on the nurse for offering a French language service, as well as being attentive, discreet and efficient in her work.

When Arsenault tells people what she does for a living, they often respond, "It takes a special person to be a nurse.”

Arsenault’s contact information can be found in the bilingual service provider directory at

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