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September Étoile Santé announced

Dr. John Morash
Dr. John Morash - Contributed

Doctor John Morash praised for his attentiveness, respect for patients

The P.E.I. French Health Network has announced the September Étoile Santé.

Doctor John Morash is the most recent recipient of the title. Described as a good listener, Morash is also said to be easy to talk to and great at working with the elderly – allowing him to offer impeccable service, both at the emergency department and in his Summerside office.

The Étoile Santé campaign, aimed at promoting, recruiting and making the public aware of health professionals who offer French-language services on P.E.I.

Morash, a family physician originally from Nova Scotia, tries to be aware of the slightest indication that a patient is Francophone, and if they are, he speaks to the patient in his or her language.

He completed his degree in 2011 and set up practice at the Summerside Medical Centre in 2015.

He also spends a day a week at the Prince County Hospital emergency department.

Morash, whose father was a French teacher, says he was destined to learn the language.

“I’m the only one in my family who’s not a teacher,” he joked.

For Morash, speaking French is a way to serve his patients better.

“Canada is a bilingual country, so it’s very important. Some people cannot express themselves in English. If I can speak French, we won’t have to play the telephone game; no words will be changed, and we will understand each other,” he explained.

Morash is claiming the Étoile Santé title after being recognized by a Francophone Islander.

The woman was deeply affected by the services her parents received from Morash when she took them to the emergency department because he took the time to explain to the elderly patient what was causing the pain.

“I never forgot his attitude and the respect he had for my parents,” the woman said, noting that Morash is attentive to the needs of his clients.

Morash’s contact information can be found in the bilingual service provider directory at

For more information on the Étoile Santé campaign or to nominate someone directly on the P.E.I. French Health Network’s website

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