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Mar. 11 last day for Christopher Cross Requests

Christopher Cross Requests will cease operations on March 11, the founder of the facebook group announced Sunday.
Christopher Cross Requests will cease operations on March 11, the founder of the facebook group announced Sunday. - Eric McCarthy

Organizer hoping notice will give donors, musicians time to respond


The curtain will go down Sunday, March 11 on Christopher Cross Requests’ virtual benefit concert that has been running on social media since Feb. 18.

The founder of the Christopher Cross Requests Facebook group, Malcolm Pitre, posted Sunday night that, in discussion with Kim Beaton, he’s asking that nominations and requests conclude by midnight on March 11.

“What started as a $5 donation for Joey Doucette and Kurk Bernard to sing “Tennessee Whiskey” on the Facebook group, Christopher Cross Requests, has turned into something I really can't explain,” posted Pitre who started the group to raise funds for the Beaton family from Alma, Kim and Gary and their 12-year-old daughter, Jayden.

“A lot of newer members are just coming onto the group and we wanted to give them time to perform,” he said in explaining the one-week notice.

The group has grown to more than 13,000 members.

“It continues to grow,” Pitre posted. “Was it timing? Was it because of the music? Was it because of the Beatons’ story? Was it because of all the generous people? Maybe all of the above. “

“We both know other families need financial support also, and do not want to take from them,” Pitre said of a position he and Kim Beaton share. “Also, we did not want this to get to a point where people are not enjoying it.”
His post was immediately answered by several members who gave testimony to how much they are enjoying Christopher Cross Requests and the submitted music videos that now number more than 800.

“An amazing idea that unfolded into a fabulous heartfelt fundraiser. I think this went beyond anyone’s dream. Congratulation for the best idea that has come forward in social media. You should be proud and, also, now everyone who has viewed this thinks every house in Western PEI has a guitar player,” Pauline Hansen posted.

“Best use of Facebook ever,” commented Alicia MacLeod. “(I) have truly enjoyed everyone's talent and am so glad to see how much this has been a help to a family going through this struggle. Great job Malcolm and to everyone who shared their amazing talent. It’s been so great to see.”

Maureen Chaisson posted: “Absolutely the best thing done on fb ever and loved by many. So happy to have been part of it and so happy to help take some pressure off of Kim and Gary (xoxo). And hats off to you and everyone who entertained and sent money.”

Pitre, who described his participation in Christopher Cross Requests as life-changing, extended thanks to everyone who helped make Christopher Cross Requests such a huge success for the Beaton family.

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