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Island woman excited to share Island stories this summer at Princetown United Church

Patti Arsenault is looking forward to sharing Island stories this summer at the Princetown United Church.
Patti Arsenault is looking forward to sharing Island stories this summer at the Princetown United Church. - Millicent McKay

MALPEQUE - Living on an Island with a reputation of whimsy has inspired a Malpeque resident to share her experiences and Island tales this summer at the Princetown United Church.

“Islanders are natural storytellers. And there is so much magic and special way of life in this province I wanted to be able to share it with tourists and locals alike,” said Patti Arsenault.

Arsenault plans to host a storytelling session every other weekend at the church beginning on June 29.

I’m hoping the stories will give listeners a laugh and maybe a little inspiration. I really want to display that even if you come from away, you’ve got a home here.

Arsenault is looking forward to telling a mix of stories.

“One that comes to mind is this one time at work, we see a cop car pull up to a field across the street from us. My coworker and I look out the back window and see him move stealthily into the field. Then he’s gone.”

A little while later the officer reappeared.

“Hi,” he said.

“Hi… what’s going on?” asked Arsenault, looking concerned at the red stains on the officer’s uniform.

“It was pretty heated there for a minute. We’ve been getting calls about a man creeping around the field. I saw him and he was covered in red stains so I flew at him,” the officer explained.

“Turns the guy had been berry picking..." Arsenault laughed.

"Police had been getting calls from residents in the area about a suspicious character on their properties. It was a field the elderly berry-picker had been using for years before houses were built on it.  ” Arsenault concluded with a chuckle.

Only on the Island this would happen, she added.

Arsenault is also extending an invitation for people to share stories with her, which will then be reviewed by herself and the church’s board.

“It’s not like I have an abundance of stories, but I’m looking forward to sharing mine, and maybe some from other people too. Reverend Andrew Richardson is also going to speak and share stories during one of the sessions. I think it will be a lot of fun and a way to share Island culture and stories.”

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