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Island teenager enlists help of local business to ask date to prom

Matt Thompson agrees to a creative "promposal" from Hannah Johnstone. It was displayed on the billboard outside the Spring Valley Castle Building Centre in Kensington. -Bradley Collins photo
Matt Thompson agrees to a creative

By Bradley Collins

SUMMERSIDE –  Hannah Johnstone was driving around Summerside looking for an over the top idea for her “promposal” this year.

While doing so she kept noticing billboard signs.

“That would be a pretty cool idea,” she thought.

She wondered about what kind of sign Matt Thompson would see.

For those not in the know, the Urban dictionary describes a promposal as: “a proposal by either a male/female to a prospective date for prom.”

Johnstone knew Thompson was doing his co-op work placement at the Castle Spring Valley Building Centre in Kensington the next morning.

“‘Oh my goodness, I’ll just call Castle,’” she thought.

Later on, her father called the store about the idea.

They said it was a great and they would do it. They asked what she wanted on the sign.

After Johnstone was told Castle was going to put the message up, she had to find a way to get Thompson to look at the sign.

“Usually, I wouldn’t think he would look at signs.”

They have a mutual friend who works at the store and who usually changes the signs for them.

So, she texted Thompson joking that their friend messed up the sign and spelled a word wrong.

He took the bait.

The next morning, Johnstone went to Castle and Thompson was late. She waited for about half an hour for him to show up.

When he walked in, Johnstone was standing in the door. 

He didn’t look at the sign.

She opened the door and Thompson looked at her.

 “Shouldn’t you be at school right now?” he asked.

“Yes. But, I wanted to apologize for my giant billboard sign.”

“Your what?’

“My billboard sign.”

Johnstone looked over at the sign and Thompson finally saw it.

“Oh, my goodness,” he said.

It said, ‘Matt, will you got to prom with me? –Hannah’.

After it was all said and done, Johnstone’s efforts paid off. He said yes.

He was kind of surprised when he saw the sign, Thompson recalled.

“It was pretty cool.”

Thompson’s seen quite a few interesting promposals before, he said.

“But, I haven’t seen the sign idea.”

Thankfully he said yes, Johnstone said.

“It would have been a little embarrassing if he said no.”

The two 18-year-olds are going to Kensington Intermediate Senior High School’s prom on Sat., May 12.

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